4:20 PM

Me Made March - week one

1. Vogue 8597 tunic & Simplicity 2618 pants
2. Vogue 1179 dress worn as a tunic
3. Simplicity 2315 skirt & hand-made bracelet
4. New Look 6735 pants & infinity scarf
5. New Look 6780 tunic


Lori said...

Great looking outfits, you had a good week 1.

Leslie V said...

I really like the fabric you used for vogue 8597 in the tunic, the color is wonderful. Your picture layout is nice too. Very professional!

Rosy said...

Absolutely adorable, I still do not dare with a "memade" but you are great.
Love all your looks!

MAD14kt said...

Great sewing!

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Hi there. It's been a while since I've posted on your blog. As a new mum, you're quite busy and fashionable. Kudos to you! I did the same when I had my son. Somehow you need to stay connected to the creative side of yourself when you have children, If that means churning out a great wardrobe, then so be it. You're doing some wonderful things. keep up the good work.