4:54 PM

McCall's 7099 - Floral Jumpsuit

I have jumpsuit fever. Here's a new one for me - McCall's 7099. This was a really quick project. It took 2 hours including cutting out the fabric. I used fabric I purchased for $5.00 total at the National City Swap Meet.

I have another one in the works - I just have to attach the top to the bottom and add the elastic. Stay tuned.....

6:26 PM

FO Sallie Jumpsuit from Closet Case Files

So I recently purchased the new Sallie Jumpsuit pattern and have been having issues with making it work. Before scrapping this pattern, I decided to try different fabric. A little over an hour later and I had an AMAZING jumpsuit. It was the fabric...which I'm still hoping to make work now that one is under my belt.

This is a great pattern. I made minor changes which included lengthening the bodice by 3" and adding room to the armscye to accommodate my guns arms. This will not be the last time I make this pattern. It really is as comfy as wearing pajamas. I made it on Saturday and have already worn it twice....

4:57 PM

FO - Baby Roots Cardigan

I have completed another knitting project! Hooray. I must admit it feels good to knit. This was for a close co-worker of mine who is having a baby girl. Her son and my daughter (6 months apart) are close friends and go to the same preschool. It was nice to make something by hand for her and I am happy with the outcome. Once little girl is out, I will try to get some fun shots.

The pattern is Baby Roots Cardigan by ADHD Knitting, which I found on Ravelry.  It was a fun project making me wonder why I didn't knit more things for my little girl. Oh well, this dear girl may reap the benefits from self-proclaimed extra Auntie.

4:29 PM

Aurora Top from June Seamworks & McCall 6173 Leggings

 I really have been sewing a fair amount. I am just not posting or taking photos of anything for whatever reason. This is my second time wearing my new top in 8 days, so I had to get my coworker to snap a few quick picks. I paired it with a pair of quick leggings I made last night in-between working on a new Burdastyle Dress pattern from the June 2015 recent issue.

I have actually made 2 additional dresses and a wrap from the Seamworks last two issues as well as knit Yarniad's cowl pattern (I still have to block that one, though). I will try to get some more pictures in of the other items soon. I have been back at it with working out so I think I am also a sweaty, tired looking mess and don't want to publicize all of that. Ha ha. Still, the clothing has been nice, so I will try my best if anyone is still out there to view.

5:32 PM

Twirl Me Dress Pattern

...and sometimes she does sew for her daughter...well not really. I have always had an aversion to this since my daughter was born knowing what she prefers fashion-wise. Mommy does not always hit the mark. After two dresses made over the years the first one was worn for a sewing fashion show while the second one made it to daycare twice. This was not a motivating factor for me. I'd rather knit her a sweater or make her a quilt (and who's lying...I don't do those very often either).

Browsing the blogosphere, I have been silently stalking Debbie from Lily Sage and Company.Her clothing always makes me envious and her fashion sense is enough to make my 4-year old proud. So when she asked for pattern testers, I jumped at the opportunity to try another dress for my daughter.  The truly clever pattern is called The Twirl Me Dress and my daughter did do her share of twirling in her versions. Yes, that means I actually managed to have TWO successes!

While it took her a little bit of time warming up to the first one, since she thought she had told me to pick a multicolored fabric, she still told me later how she really liked both dresses. The second version is more fluid and light which she picked as the winner for her Easter dress.  I have a feeling this will not be the last of these dresses since her smile and dance wearing them was enough to make this selfish seamstress want to sew for someone else....