4:14 PM

FO - Salme Pleated Dress

So this was a quickie that I did last while watching t.v. at home. Sorry about the wrinkles. I don't think cotton and I get along too well. This was stash fabric that I pulled from my storage unit. Yes, I have so much fabric and patterns that I have a storage unit. I'm working on changing this!

I think this is a nice pattern that sews up fairly quickly. It is appropriate for a beginner, although I think pleats can be a bit intimidating for real newbies.

In other news, I started making my body double mannequin this weekend with some friends from my sewing class. It was made using Jan Bone's tape and book. Let's just say I blacked out for a bit due to the heat, lack of food, and 1 1/2 workout in the morning. Yikes! This was not my best weekend. It was worth it in the end, though. I will let it cure for a week and start the reinforcements.

I wanted a good mannequin to use for my 20-year HS reunion dress and for the eTAC challenge I'm doing in October. It's crazy to compare the store bought version and the one that we made.

Stay tuned....


Amy said...

I so want a double me. Is that papier mache? Isn't it fun to pull out old fabric and just go for it? No pressure. I have a lot of "cured" fabric, too. (Storage closet.)

velosewer said...

You're doing well with your dress and fitness.

Sassy T said...

Yeah I want to make one of the Duct Tape dummies. It is one of my Threads articles. I don't think you can beat one as it follows your natural body curves etc.

Myra said...

Beautiful dress! You look fabulous too! I need to work on one of those mannequins for myself too!

Addie Marie said...

The dress turned out great! Stash busting feels so good, doesn't it?

Lyric said...

WOW, you did it! I keep thinking about it, procrastinating hoping I'll be able to afford a french dressform (NOT). I know I'm going to have to do this; sigh.

Can't wait to read your blog further iso how it's working out for you.

Actually I came here to read about the Cambie dress. Drats I hate Blogger, I don't see a search box for their blogs.

Sew glad I stumbled upon a link to your blog. Keep up the good work.