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Everybody, Everwear - Abstract Flowers

So I joined the monthly challenge on Everybody, Everywear. Here are the details:

"Every girl has her basics, but it’s how she styles those basic that makes her unique. With that thought and a bit of help from twitter, Everybody, Everywear was created. In the world of everyday-fashion, many of us have the same shirt, similar pants or style shoes. But just because we have the same items, doesn’t mean we have to look alike. Everybody, Everywear is a place to share your personal style and gain inspiration from fellow bloggers. Each month, we will choose a new item to style."

Florals | Everybody, Everywear

This month's styling was for floral outfits. I planned on completing a new dress that I am working on, but did not succeed. Instead, I am wearing a top that I made earlier this year while on maternity leave. Despite the sun shining, it is actually a bit cold in San Diego today. At 58 degrees, I'm happy to have a warm, long-sleeved knit to wear. I bought this abstract floral print in Vermont at Joann Fabrics for less than $10 bucks.

Stay tuned for my new dress, which I anticipate completing before the week's end.


MAD14kt said...

Lovely fabric choice :)

Eugenia said...

Love your top - the colours in that print are gorgeous!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

That purple is a great colour!

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Ki said...

I love your top. I wish I could get over the fear of wearing purples..I would love to join your group, maybe it'll help me along with my sewing.

Hilary said...

That sounds like a really cool challenge...and that top is a great way to start it off. I've been loving your FO's lately. The maxi dress is awesome and very "on trend". :) And OMG NILAH! She is such a gorgeous baby!