11:45 AM

Me-Made-March Week 4

I'm at the home stretch for Me-Made-March with only a few more days left. Here's my outfits from last week (week 4). I made a point to include some of my knitted creations as well.


* February Lady Sweater
* Simplicity 3775 Dress (worn under a purchased brown sweater)
* Burda World of Fashion 02-2009-119 floral dress and Fusion shrug
* Vogue 8597 cowl top (worn under a purchased brown vest) and handmade bracelet
* Simplicity 2594 green stretch satin top (worn under purchased jacket) and infinity scarf
* New Look 6807 bright pink top, McCall's 6210 light pink knit jacket, & side slip cloche knit hat
* New Look 6780 knit top (worn under periwinkle, purchased cardigan)

I am working on a high-waist skirt by Vogue. I put the zipper in last night and sewed the side seams. I just have to add the facings, boning, and hem. This will be a nice addition to my work wardrobe. More to come....


amber said...

I really love how you wear such a range of styles/looks during the week. Very inspiring!

Jada said...

Loving all the outfits! :)

Jenny said...

Looking good!

Karin said...

You look fab as ever! I am amazed how many self-made clothes you have, even with a new baby! It totally puts me to shame :-)

Sheila said...

Great Outfits.

Heather said...

You are doing awesome. It seems to me that you take your projects step by step instead of approaching them as a whole. ie: you do a zipper and call that progress. Great approach. Little successes each time you sit down to sew/stitch.