12:58 AM

FO Infinity Scarf

So I have a lot going my head. Well, at least I have a lot of projects and what not, swarming in my brain. This year I would like to participate in the SWAP (sewing with a purpose), Collette's Spring Palette Challenge, Casey's Swing Dress SewAlong, and Me Made March. I think that all of these things can be rolled into one project for preparation for Me Made March. I plan on committing to at least one garment each day for the entire month. In anticipation, I am making a few infinity circle scarfs to add to my wardrobe. This one sewed up in a breeze. I managed to make another one this evening with leftover material for a cardigan I cut out this evening. While that one is also completed, it is now 12:54 in the morning and I'm up at 5:45 am. Why am I up so late? Well, I go to bed late in general, which allows me time to spend time with my new little one AND spend time crafting. Still, I'm usually pee pee night night by 12:30, but this second scarf was not a breeze. I kept messing up the last part. Strange, but finally it clicked and I'm done that one as well. I plan on wearing that one to work tomorrow, so more pictures to come.

For this first scarf, I used 5/8 yards of charmeuse fabric that I purchased from Walmart for four bucks! Even my boss complimented me on it today. Score!


Victoria said...

Super cute scarf! I bought the same fabric at my Wal Mart and love it!

Julie said...

ooh, that scarf is gorgeous!! It looks really high end. Love it!

lasandrou said...

Love your scarf : You did a great job:-)

Ki said...

I love your scarfs you've made. I have made one out of left over sheer fabric..not as cute as yours tho:) You keep giving me inspiration and I'll keep trying/learning to sew.