1:24 PM

Hate on Me - Yarngasm!

I have already received my fantastically AMAZING care package from Knit 1 in Chicago. I am overwhelmed by the yummy yarny goodness that I received.

Here is an itemized list to break it down for you:

  • Mountain Colors Hand Painted Yarns (5 skeins = 475 yards)

  • Misti Alpaca Super Chunky (7 skeins = 385 yards)

  • Cascade Rustic Wool/Linen Yarn (10 skeins = 1960 yards)

  • Frog Tree Meriboo Wool/Bamboo Blen Yarn (7 skeins = 735 yards)

  • Misti Alpaca Hand Painted Sock Yarn (1 skein = 437 yards)

  • Rio De La Plata Merino (1 skein = 437 yards)

  • KA Bamboo Darning Needles (3 sizes)

  • Susan Bates Stitch Gauge

  • Clover Extra Large Stitch Holder Set (2 pieces)

Yup....I want y'all to be jealous. lol. Seriously though, I am so dazzled by Karen's generosity. I have already cast on for the capelet and hope to have it completed by working through the my lunches on this project.

**A Quick Sewing Update: I have made a new bias cut skirt. It is hanging overnight before I hem it up. I also cut a Built by Wendy top to go with it. I hope to be modeling this for tomorrow.


brandilion said...

Maybe you should start knitting.

Victoria said...

You scored some major goodies! Congrats. I'd like to admit being jealous but I haven't crocheted and knitted in so long. But looking at all that great yarn could be quite the motivator to start again. Can't wait to see your new skirt and top!

Hilary said...

YES, I am jealous!! :) That is an amazing package!

amber said...

And now I have "Hate on Me" by Jill Scott stuck in my head. ;) What a fun box of goodies!

CanarySanctuary said...

I am totally, totally jealous. I want to dive into all that lovely, colourful, squishy goodness!

Julie said...

Sooo jealous!! what an incredible haul, it's gorgeous stuff!!

Tanya said...

I'm jealous but happy for you too, can't wait to see what becomes of all those goodies.

life as I know said...

Yes, I am TOTALLY jealous :( And thanks to amber, I have "Hate on Me" stuck in my head. LOL! Enjoy all that fibery goodness, and if you don't think you can use it all maybe you should do a raffle ;)

The Knitwit Hues said...

Oh you just KNOW that I'm totally jealous! LOL So happy for you, though! Stalking paid off! LOL :D