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So I have finally managed to finish cutting out all of the fabric needed for my Butterick 5313 flouncy dress. This should be a simple process, but I kept losing my traced pattern pieces. After cutting out the fabric, I realized I should make the front larger, to accommodate for not doing an FBA. I tried the top on last night and it is a great fit. I really like the color I choice and how I have laid out the fabric. is just the top portion of the dress and I have the midriff, middle, and lower portion of the pattern to finish - but that is still progress. It's been slow going to get back in the swing of things and I am just happy that it is happening.

As an additional motivation, my co-worker Carol from Cece's Closet is going to sew her first two projects. During lunchtime, she has traced and cut out her size for Simplicity 3790 top and Butterick 5035 tunic. Tomorrow, she will cut out her fabric and start sewing on Thursday and Friday. Since I'm her new "teacher", I get to document the progress on my blog, while she gets all of the glory of her FOs. Stay tuned to her blog posts, too.

After I finish my dress, I plan on tracing a pattern from the last two issues of BWOF. I received the October issue this weekend and want to trace a few items before I lose my steam.


Clumsy Knitter said...

Wow. I love the fabric you're using for your dress. I think it will look great!

How do you like Burda magazines? I've been trying to find single issues in shops but haven't had any luck yet. I was hoping to check out an issue before committing to a subscription, but maybe they don't sell them in stores? I'm stumped, but your opinion will help. :)

gwensews said...

That is a gorgeous green color dress you're making. It wil be stunning on you.

julia said...

Looking good!

Sheila said...

I agree that kelly green is very pretty and like the floral print on the flounce. Looking forward to your FO.

Thanks for the lovely compliment on my dress.

Robin said...

The dress looks great so far!

I really liked the BWOF October issue too and decided to renew my subscription.

To answer your other commenter's question, before I subscribed, I found single issues of BWOF at Borders and also for sale in the classifieds.

Susan said...

Thanks Robin for that response. I actually took the Burda plunge before ever seeing an issue in person. I used an Amazon gift certificate I had to get my year's subscription. I plan on subscribing again, too! It's worth it to me.

Andrea said...

I love how your dress is coming along. I can't wait to see you model it as I think it will be a nice color on you. Like Robin, I use to purchase the Burda Magazines from Borders as well before I purchased a subscription from Amazon. If you can't find them there, go to or ebay.

HeathersSphere said...

Susan, you are sizzle-sational in this! I just noticed that you also live in San Diego. Maybe we can go fabric shopping and Starbucks sometime.