2:15 PM


Yes, I am still alive. I still have to finish the hem of my dress and add elastic to a new pair of pants that I sewed and I will have TWO new FOs. I also want to make another New Look 6807 shirt, as well as try out the McCall 5586 top with jewels. A lengthy list for a woman going out of town on Thursday night! lol. I think that I will bring Nina along, since my family will be asking me to make a ton of things during my trip to Vermont anyway.

I just returned from Saint Louis with my boss on Friday night and will be back on a plane taking the red eye to Vermont. I took a few pictures while at the hotel in St. Louis. Here's one taking during a lightning storm. It shows the Gateway Arch. At 630 ft., it's the nation's tallest man-made monument. This was located right across from my room.

In other news, my co-worker Carol has been bitten by the blog bug. Take a peak and tell her "hi".


gwensews said...

That's a beautiful sight. Wow, I wouldn't have slept, but just looked at that scenery all night.

Julia said...

That is beautiful! We saw it in the day time. It was awesome then, but this is way more so. I checked out Carol's blog and became a follower.

Robin said...

Girl, you are hard core, bringing the sewing machine along with you on vacation!! I love it!! I've thought about bringing mine before (I should have when we went to Galena!) but second guessed myself. Next time!

Hilary said...

Very cool...and I bet the lightening storm was a sight to see. We don't really get those in California, do we? Have a great time with your family!