3:49 PM

Lemons for Lemonade

I have done a lot of traveling the last few weeks. I went to Vegas to see the Dave Mathew’s Band on the 9th and then went back to Vegas for Memorial Day weekend. Add my North Dakota business trip and I’m exhausted. I feel like I’ve been given a bunch of citrus (of the lemon variety) and am trying to cope by making lemonade. Ugggghhhh. In any case, I have finished my Burda Tunic...which doesn’t fit me well. Ugggghhhhh. It looks great on Sookie, but should have been altered with a FBA for me. This one will go with me to Vermont next month for my Mother. Fine, except for the fact that I now have NOTHING completed for the PatternReview mini-contest. I better get a jump start this evening or I’m in big trouble. I started the McCall 5430 1-hour wrap skirt last night (1-hour me eye!). I opted to make it reversible and will be putting a D-ring and snap to close it, instead of regular waist ties this evening. I used fold-over-elastic (FOE) for the trim around the hem and sides. Here’s a progress pic:

I am also going to work on finishing this dress that I started ions ago...with the Butterick 5188 pattern. I am so close to being finished, it is ridiculous. I think I’ll try to wear this puppy before week’s end. This won’t help me with the contest, but at least I’ll feel good about a successful FO. Here’s a sneak peak:

I went to Yardage Town during my lunch break and picked up two coordinating SOLID fabrics to go with my wrap skirt. I plan on making New Look 6780 & New Look 6807, which have both received great reviews. They are easy, quick tops, that will be a good addition to my wardrobe. This will leave me with one more item to make – either pants or a cardigan.

In other sewing news, I received the July Burda issue. I wasn’t dazzled online when I saw the previews, but really am lovin’ the magazine pics after all. I can see quite a few of these pieces in my closet, including Skirt 103, Tunic 113, Shirt-Blouse 109A, Dress 101, Dress 110, Corset Belt 151 & 153, Skirt 126, Vest 132, & Dress 116. Yup – I know I won’t make most of these, but down the road….you never know. They really are marvelous. Here's to hoping my Nina and Serge can whip up clothes as fast as I can in my mind. lol


Sew-Ann said...

Fab fabrics!! I can't wait to see how the skirt turns out. Lots and lots of color. One of my favorite things.

Julia said...

It's too bad that top doesn't fit because it's lovely. Your mom isbe lucky!

That Hooligan Girl said...

Aw that sucks about your tunic. It looks great tho. :) I would love to go to Las Vegas. <3 Don't worry your next project for the contest will look great!

knitmachinequeen said...

Susan I have the exact same fabric that you are using for your dress. Don't know what I'm going to make with it yet. Maybe after you post yours I'll get an idea. I finished my third garment for the mini wardrobe contest. Tomorrow I'm going to stitch up my trial garment and if all goes well I should have the final product finished by Friday night then it's onto to photos on Saturday!

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Do I have until Saturday to post pics for the contest? LOL. Procrastination and I are very good friends. LOL. In any case I need to get stitching. I love what you're making. Can't wait to see them when they're finished.

Hilary said...

The tunic is so cool! I'm sorry to hear it doesn't fit right. Having a nice gift for your mom is pretty good lemonade, though! You'll definitely be able to finish in time for the contest -- and I can't wait to see the FOs!

By the way, I LOVE that you referred to your machines as Nina and Serge. :) Sounds like a hot Russian couple!