12:55 PM

FO Complete - Pics to Come!

Just a quick note to say that I have completed my Boutique Knits - Side Slip Cloche Hat. I will either block it this evening or wear it as is - (the stitches are even enough for my taste). I'll post a pic either tonight or tomorrow.

I am also hoping to complete my McCall's 5662 top in class this evening. I went to my class last night all packed up...and forgot my pedal! lol. The lecture portion was good and we watched a video on making a simple 2-strap bag, so it was still a good class. Still - can you imagine!?

In other HAPPY HAPPY News, I one 4 patterns from Faye for her blogiverssary giveaway. Yippeee. Everyone probably can tell my pattern/fabric addiction already. I swore off new pattern buys (except for the next Butterick patterns that have not come into the San Diego stores, yet) for a while - or until my roommate stops frowning at me for it. lol. Now I have new patterns without making a forbidden purchase. NICE!!!!!


brandilion said...

Patterns are like books. You don't have room for new ones until you get rid of the old ones. Or store them out of sight. Then no one can care :)

I can't wait to see the hat!

Virtuous said...

Can't wait to see the hat on you! :oD

Hilary said...

Can't wait to see the hat! And congrats on winning the blogiversary contest - also can't wait to see what you make from all the new patterns!

Robin said...

I forgot my pedal once at my sewing class too. I called Jim and asked him to bring it to me, and he did, in the cold, on his motorcycle - as we only had my car and the motorcycle at the time. Isn't that crazy in a nice way?

MissMasala5 said...

Congrats on winning the patterns in Faye's giveaway. Sweet!!!

Lesalicious said...

Congrats on the pattern win. Can't wait to see your latest project. I know I want to see that hat. :)