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Serger Shopping Suggestions

I have been getting so much use out of my Singer Serger (starter level) that I have decided to upgrade soon to a higher-end machine. I love my Bernina, but haven't heard too much about their sergers except for the confusing manual.

I'm thinking about the following choices:

  • Babylock E8W

  • Babylock Imagine

  • Janome Compulock

  • Viking 936

Any thoughts suggestions? I would like to have it fairly straight forward, with automatic tension or easy adjusting. I'm planning on going to a store tomorrow to check some out.


Robin said...

I personally did not "click" with the 936 and found it to be a huge pain to work with. I haven't tried the other brands, but I really love Janome's serger and coverstitch machine. That's what I've got now after selling the 936. It was much cheaper (and better) for me to have two machines that had specialized functions - one serger and one coverstitch - than one that didn't do either one 100% right and was almost impossible to convert. It's possible that I didn't devote enough time to the 936, but I spent more than I wanted to in time and money on it and we ultimately needed to part ways.

Robin said...

I should have mentioned the Janome serger I have and love - the 634D - got it from (they also sell on ebay). $300 shipped. Easy to use and doesn't mess up. The coverstitch is the Janome 900CP - bought this one first from the same seller - $200 shipped. The Viking 936 set me back about $1500, and I sold it for $900 - I was just happy to be rid of it and get something for it. The new owner works very well with it so maybe it was just me. But I've heard a lot of tales of frustration over on the Viking 936 yahoo group (yes, the machine has its own yahoo group - it's that complicated.)

Cas... said...

I have a Pfaff which I like a lot. If I had to do it again I would buy a Pfaff or try the Baby Locks. Find a good dealer and if they have classes as such I would definitely test drive machines there before purchasing. That's what I did

chiqueazme said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. As for your choice in machines, I used the method of thinking what am I doing right now with the possibility of other things. Since I am returning to sewing after a long stint away, basic is what I really needed with just a hint of extra stitches. And most of all I had to have a buttonhole feature. I have not seen or used any of the more expensive machines, but I am sure you make the best choice based on your needs. Good luck!!