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FO - Butterick 5247 & McCall 5394

I have been sewing quite a bit. I made matching leggings for me and my roomie. Hers are opaque black using a cotton Lycra, while mine is a shiny, 100% Lycra fabric. Pics of hers to come early next month after she returns from her work trip to Seattle.

I made another B5247 Tunic last night. Since the pattern was already cut out, it was a super easy project to complete while watching TV. with the cats and a glass of wine (sergers don’t count as heavy machinery, do they?.... lol. I wanted to wear my leggings to work and needed a tunic type top to make it appropriate enough for casual Friday. I previously made a top using argyle knit fabric from Joann’s. I cut it parallel to the selvage, which resulted in the diamonds going the wrong direction. Joann’s in San Diego were sold out of the material by-the-time I returned the next day. When I was back in Vermont, shopping for material, I was able to find the same material still available at that Joann’s. Nice! This tunic is the perfect match for this fabric. Comfy, cozy, and now that the diamonds are going the right way, it is elongating my body for a slimmer look. Can’t complain about that with the extra pounds I have packed on recently….but now I’m on another tangent. I’m buying a gym member ship to 24-hour Fitness. Costco has an amazing deal for $300, 2 years at any location. Can’t beat it! The sale is through the 31st of this month if anyone else is interested.

Back off the tangent – I made this tunic with a tighter, turtleneck style neck instead of the cowl that I had in the first B5247. I like how it makes it a different style from my previous version. I also serged off more from the sides, for a more fitted look.

I also started a dress last night using Butterick 5188. I think I will add sleeves to it, for more year-around use. Since I didn’t find a review on Pattern Review, I’m going at this one on my own. So far so good though. It’s a really simple pattern and not much for guess work, anyway. I’ll finish that up this weekend.
For weekend sewing plans I am going to finish up the pants I made using New Look 6856. I just have to add the waistband elastic and then shorten them for a cropped pants style, instead. I actually completed the top in the pattern, but picked material that was not stretchy enough. To add insult to injury, my FOE neckline looked a bit wonky. This is in the frog pond (do sewers have this like the knitters?) and I will start again with the right material.

I want to get more coordinates done, since I’ve been putting them all to great use for work-wear. After that, I will look at attempting my first lined jacket. Since the new semester starts for sewing class this Monday, I will have that be my “take-to-class” project.

Before I give my leggings review - I’ll mention a knitterly subject. I have re-ordered my yarn for the Bijoux project and have already received part of the yarn. I am going to try to designate at least 2 nights to my knitting projects from here on out – so that I’ll have FOs of both. I almost bought 2 project kits from Knit Picks but decided to wait until I finish my hat and Bijoux before jumping the gun.

Pattern Review - McCall 5394

Pattern Description: Slim Fit Leggings in Two Lengths. Close fitting, below waist, proportionate-sized leggings have elastic waist and two length variations.
Pattern Sizing: Y(X-Small, Small, Medium), ZZ(Large, X-Large, XX-Large). We are both a smaller-sized large using the Big-4, but made the Medium for this pattern. The pattern runs a bit larger, so it’s a good idea to go down a size.
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes!

Were the instructions easy to follow? When it came time to make them, we couldn’t find them. Not even needed.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? There is only one piece needed for this pattern, which is great. There seems to be just a bit of extra room near the knees. Not enough to alter existing pair, but in the future, I’ll just go in a bit more with the serger at this area to get it tighter.

Fabric Used: 100% Lycra for mine and a cotton/Lycra blend for my roommate’s.

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: We both lengthened the tall pattern so the bottoms would be a bit slouchy. My roommate did a sway back adjustment to give a bit more room for the booty and avoid the fabric bunching.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? This is a great pattern that I’ll sew again using different colors and fabric. It’s a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe, even if it’s just going under a dress for extra warmth.

Conclusion: Quick and easy without compromising style. What could be better than that?


Lesalicious said...

You looking nice in your shirt great job. Loving those colors.:)

Faye Lewis said...

You really did a good job!

del said...

That is the cutest outfit! I love the boots.

robin said...

Very cute outfit! That must be great to have a roommate who is also into sewing!! How cool is that?

And yes, there is definitely a sewing frog pond (at least I have one). It's called "well, we have another cat blanket" in my house!! Seriously, the cats have four or five pieces of fabric that they use as blankies in the basement - I just cut the fabric open into a rectangle-ish shape once I know it's unsalveageable. Or there's also that knitterly plan of finding someone who it *does* fit if it comes out too small (as if it's too big, I can always take it in - but adding more fabric is a more difficult trick.) My go-to person in this regard is my co-worker Dawn. We have the same measurements for upper body and waist but her hips are smaller than mine (she's an inverted triangle whereas I'm sort of a rectangley hourglass) and almost always if something is too small on me, it's in the hips. So I give it to her and it fits perfectly.

Hilary said...

What a perfect casual Friday outfit! Looks relaxed and comfortable, but still very chic.

Lesalicious said...

Hey wanted to just say I notimated you for a bloggers award. Infor on my blog.:)

Jackie said...

LOL! I nominated you too!

LaKaribane said...

Hi, wondering if you made the 5188 dress. I just bought it on clearance on the Butterick website.

Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!