6:25 PM

Butterick 4957, New Look 6856 & 6735, & Fabric Stash

I still have three more FOs to show, but here are some pics of recently finished projects. I showed a pic of my Sister's dress on my dress form Sookie a while back, but I was nervous about the fit. From the pic you can see it fits well, with some room to spare. The joys of being skinny, I guess. LOL.

I made a second New Look 6735 top a while back, but never got a chance to show it off. My Sister is modeling it for me (even though my size is four times too big on her! lol) along with the new pants I made for her using New Look 6835. They are a really nice dark grey knit material that I purchased at Joann's while in Vermont for Christmas. The pants are my second attempt at making her a nice fitting pair, since my initial attempt using Butterick 5271 was a disaster! The crotch came down an extra 6 inches and no matter how hard I tried, it wasn't fixable. NL6856 was a perfect fit on the first attempt.

Finally, I'll leave you with a pic of my ever growing fabric stash. Not to mention that a few more orders came in after this pic, along with 10 pieces that I forgot about in my sewing bag, and new purchases while in Vermont. I am officially back on my fabric diet and will not order a thing until I've made another 10 pieces. My co-worker is seriously considering taking up sewing, so my punishment for falling off the wagon will be to give her a prized piece, should I cheat! Believe me - Carol is digging this plan.

As far as Christmas goes, it was a quick trip cut in half after storms caused mass cancellations for planes going into JFK airport. Instead of 8 days, I had to make due with only four! Short as it was, it was a great trip and the family all had a great time. I made a new dress for my Mother, which my Father has promised to email me before he goes to bed....

I'm planning on finishing another dress this evening which I'll post about in a few days. Back to work tomorrow with only a few days off for the new year.


Delana said...

Wow!! You're becoming quite the seamstress. I love that dress. It look great on your sister!

Cas... said...

Nice pieces and what a stash! You're becoming a great seamstress. Keep up the good work!

RobinH said...

Lucky sister! Not only does her dress fit well, it's a great style and color.

And wow! That's a fabric stash! Looks like a lot of fun sewing ahead.

Andrea said...

Wow!! You have been busy. Your sister's dress is fabulous. I also like the pants you made for her, and your top is cute too. I can't wait to see your mother's dress.

My mom loved her pants I made her. Thank you so much for the comment you left me.

mle said...

You are quite the seamstress now! Very impressive! your fabric stash is lovely!

Cennetta said...

Your sister is all aglow. Very nice..., Girl, you are not the only one with a stash that is over the top and out of control. I have fabric every where.! My Goodness!

Sarah G said...

Love the dress! It is amazing that you got it to fit so well without the actual body to work with. I think you NEED a huge fabric stash - its necessary for creative vision. You need to be inspired, right?

PS- It looks like your sister has a stocking for an arm in the second picture :)