6:00 AM

Win a Free Handbag from Handbag Planet

So....I saw this on Sodeste's blog...

It's a chance to win a free handbag! Always nice!!!

Go to Handbag Planet and register.

In sewing news. I got an email from Knitting Daily about their new sewing magazine that's available for pre-order. It sounds perfect! I can't wait until it comes.


Sheila said...

That bag is gorgeous. Thanks for the link on the new sewing mag.

lesley said...

Hi Susan!
Thank you for the kind comment on my blog about my shoe. I have just had a lovely browse through your blog and I'm in admiration of your wonderful knit wear. I'm afraid I only learnt to knit a couple of years back so greatly admire people like yourself and friends who can knit such beautiful things. What a great bag give away. PS. Love the skirt too!

knottygnome said...

wow, i had no idea they had a sewing magazine. i will have to check it out.