6:33 AM

Knitting Nightmare

I am in a complete knitting rut. I made a small problem on my Mother’s Tam. It’s ripped back to right before the decrease section, but can’t get the pattern to work out. I have put it aside to pick up a bit later…or rip the entire thing and restart if the frustration doesn’t dissipate. I am still planning on a mini-KAL with Brandi for the Aran Accent Vest. After buying new yarn, we decided that it will not work! The pattern’s smallest size will be too large if I use the suggested gauge. Brandi was kind enough to give me an entire bag of Peruvian Quechua from Well – of course, I bring my pattern to work and leave it there over the weekend! I will not be without a project…so I start Orangina. Great progress, only to make a tiny mistake (I did two skps, instead of one skp & one k2tog) that when I ripped back, I lost a bunch of my yos. I’m telling you, I am unable to fix mistakes right now – even tiny ones. With that said, I frogged it and have started again. Now I am 1 ¼” into the Vest and a 1 ½” with Orangina. They are barely projects, yet!

Adding fuel to the fire, my Mom’s shrug did not fit! Even though I’m about 10 pounds heavier than my Mom, and she has tinier arms than mine, her shoulders are too broad for the shrug. In an unfair twist of fate – my tiny Sister weighing in at only 116 pounds has a perfect fit. How I was able to get it on me and have it come out looking like a custom-made job on my Sister is beyond me! Hopefully she’ll send progress pics soon. I recently had told her she was not getting anymore hand-made knits from me if she wouldn’t send me pics to post…I’m still waiting for a pic of her wearing the Tam B I made for her. At any rate, she’s tickled and a mother of 3, so no real crime, I guess. My Mother leaves for Togo, Africa on Friday, so she will be knit-less until she returns. I’m not even sure what project to attempt for her at this point…maybe Green Gable with one of the two new yarns I just purchased.

On a good note, at the Infinite Knitters KIP, Jolene showed Brandi and I how to crochet steeks for Eunny Jang’s Deep V Argyle Vest. For my first try, I felt very successful. That will be another mini-KAL project down the road. What can I say – so many projects, so much yarn, and no motivation to actually make any of them! Lol.

In non-knitting-news, I had a nice weekend. First, managed to lay out at the beach on Saturday and then went to the Sicilian festival on Sunday. Overall, I had a nice time this weekend. They had horse rides for the little kids and tons of food, clothes, and jewelry. With perfect weather, I’d say it was a great success. Well – I’m going to try my hardest to make progress on one of my open projects and post pics soon.


Anonymous said...

At least you have people to pass knits to; I'm sure your sister was thrilled!

I definitely get in those knitting ruts from time to time. I usually take a break when projects are giving me a hard time.

CanarySanctuary said...

Yuck! I'm sure you'll get out of that rut soon.