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Meme - 7 Random Things....

I've been tagged by Canary KnitsSeven Random Facts. In non-rebel fashion, I will comply....

Here's the rules:

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    1. I started going to Africa when I was 13 years old. I went every year until my mid-twenties and went the last time - around 3 or 4 years ago. My Mother has an orphanage in Malawi SE Africa, a soup kitchen for runaway street kids in Kenya, and works in leprosy colonies in northern Africa, as well as India. I have grown up volunteering for her non-profit organization or working under a government grant on/off for years.
    2. While I am the baby of the family, I often take on the matriarchal role - from settling disputes between my parents to offering child rearing advise to my siblings...meanwhile I have never been married and only have 4-legged children.
    3. I am very argumentative...and have been finding this out more lately with Mr.New Guy.
    4. I play the violin, although it has been at the ex's house for almost 9 months now. I use to play for the Church choir and want to start back up again, but am nervous that I have lost my skills.
    5. Things have been stressing me out at work lately, but I'm trying to keep my head up.
    6. I am left handed as are all of the females in my immediate family, but knit using a continental/right-handed combination.
    7. I'm really working on branching out with my knitting skills, including seaming and color work.

    In a non-conformist way, I will not tag anyone this time around and just offer anyone interested in sharing to join in on the fun, it's

    P.S. There's a pic of me and one of Brandi in the park from our KIP excursion on Sunday. Aren't we enjoying the San Diego sun!


    Virtuous said...

    So great learning new things about you!

    I am left-handed too!

    Now how do you do the continental (I knit that way) but combo knitting?

    Ooh pick up the violin again very soon!!

    del said...

    Wow, your mom sounds like one incredible lady. That's great that you got experience being so altruistic with her.

    Keep your head up w/work stuff! I have to tell myself the same thing sometimes.

    CanarySanctuary said...

    That sounds like an incredible childhood (and adulthood).

    Violin - that's cool :) I recently bought myself one of those. I know nothing of it, though!

    Robin said...

    Great meme - love that picture of you. I hear you on the matriarchal role - I have had plenty of experience with that myself. Maybe that's why I am happily childfree now! I feel like I already raised my brothers (and my mother, but that's a story for another day!)