5:20 PM

Venice Beach and Small Knits

Not too much done on the knitting front. I find myself (like hundreds of others) caught in an evil web of searching for the "great, next pattern". I am a little over halfway finished my second Tam from Knitty, which should really only take a day or so to finish in the first place! I do love the colors. Still muted, but seems to show the pattern better than my Tam B.

New guy "G" and I took a trip to Venice Beach this weekend. It was really fun. It reminded me of the movie Lost Boys when they play the song "People are Strange" While Lost Boys was set in the fictitious town called Santa Carla - a fake Santa Cruz of sorts, Venice Beach still brought me back to my all-time favorite movie. Awesome. I was soooo excited walking around. You take pictures of locals and then have to give them a tip. Vermont has nothing like this and even though I've been in California for a year and a half - I don't think I've seen anything in San Diego remotely like this either. I promise I'll have an FO pic in the next few days and will start back on my transition gloves before casting on for the Somewhat Cowl or back on the cast-on row for the Transparency Sweater.


Yarn It said...

Love the colors in your tam! They are so pretty. I am glad you had fun at the beach. I love The Lost Boys! It has been so long since i have seen that....I must remember to rent it!

QueenDBW said...

Great pix!! I love the Lost're gonna make me add it to my Netflix queue!! I too am searching for my next pattern. I have a late birthday present to make a cousin and my co-worker found out that her baby is a girl. I just keep seeing stuff I want to try.....