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Friday Reflections

Happy Friday everyone one. It's a beautiful and sunny San Diego day and I'm at work eating like a PIG! lol. Oh well, we all get cravings. At any rate, I have finished my Knitty Tam A and have it blocking in my bathroom. Pics will be posted this weekend, once it's dried. I decided that I wanted to make this a tad bit smaller than my first one and went down one needle size (specs to come). Now I'm a bit concerned with how small I made it. I blocked my first tam on my dinner plate and this one wouldn't make it around the same plate. I now have it blocking over a large bowl. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, cause I think the color is so cute.

As I mentioned in a previous post - I'm having that project searchitus affliction still happening. You know, the one before startitus? Anywho, it just seemed like I'd never make up my mind on my next new project. Well, even though I should be finishing up my first transition glove, I've finally cast on for a top, the Tubular Camisole. I'm using my dark lilac CottonEase yarn that was previously making the Romantic Cable and Lace Vest by SweaterBabe. I have some really pretty matching ribbon that was suppose to go with the vest and will try to incorporate it into this project. I'm thinking that it'll be part of the straps somehow.

While I enjoy these smaller projects and even have a Tudora project planned, I'm missing my tops. Hopefully this will be a quick knit and get me out of my "buy patterns, make nothing" funk.

Have a Fabulous Weekend!!!


Shanda said...

Hi! As a blog reader, I'm de-lurking to suggest a pattern.
If you have'nt checked this knitter out, she does lovely work, and just came out with a new pattern. From the tops I've seen you knit, it may be something you like!


Susan said...

Thanks for the new link. It's always great to find new designers!

Virtuous said...

Gurl you plan to do Tudora in sunny San Diego then I won't feel crazy about going ahead and doing mine for the March Malabrigo KAL here in North Carolina!!! ;op

Good to hear from ya!

brandilion said...

I'm Back...

Love the hats!