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Blogiversary & You Make My Day Award

I am off to have surgery at 7:15 am tomorrow. I've been told that I will be out of commission for 2 weeks. I hope to crank out some major knitting this first week, since I'm scheduled to go back to work after one week. I'm still working out the kinks - who'se taking me, who's watching me for the first 24 hours, and who's keeping me for the first week, but I'm feeling pretty okay with everything as it stands.

First things first - Sarah from What if Knits is having a blogiversary contest that benefits animals. Go check it out! I'm adding a link to my side bar as well. My first cat Tupper (R.I.P) was a barn cat and my other two - Hannah and Scofield are Animal Shelter cats. I stand by her contest 100% and think we should all have fun in a contest that will benefit local charities.

I received the "You Make My Day Award" from Ruby's N Purls. She is fabulous and Made my Day by giving this to me! So here's how it works:

Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about Blogland! Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on. Beware! You may get the award several times!

So I figure that I'll mention those that I obsess over each day. These are even checked several times a day (I know, just get an RSS feed, huh. No way! I enjoy obsessing! lol).

1. Anna's Flying Needles. She's my first blogread of the day, and she never disappoints.

2. Canary Knits. Not only does she make fabulous knitwear from current designers, she dabbles in making her own creations. I expect to start buying her designs any day!

3. Delana Knits. She is amazing. I'm pretty sure she beat out everyone in my blog roll for the amount of 2007 FOs she completed. She is amazing. From colorwork to lace, she's done it!

4. Gail Knits. I have had the pleasure of meeting Gail to knit in public. She's such a sweet heart and a talent in her own right. She can crochet, too and even suggested that I try it as an easier finishing technique (since I'm seamingly challenged...catch the

5. Green Apples. No talk up needed here. This girl actually gets me jealous. She hasn't even been knitting for very long. I think a little over a year. Pure talent. That's all I can say. I purchased the transition gloves kit after seeing hers. Scared to make them, but that's another story.

6. MLE Knits. I think that I am in her head, because we have so many projects (both FOs and queued) in common. I love when she completes hers first, so I can see the project in all it's fabulousness.

7. Ruby's N Purls. Of course she couldn't think that she's going to not get this award right back, since she makes MY day! We've been knitting in the same KAL circles for awhile now, and I feel like I actually know her.

8. Sknitty. She comes in as a close second to Delana on 2007 FOs. She counted a total of 50 projects. Tres vite!

9. Team Knit. I'm so happy I ran across this dynamic duo. They really have a unique voice and fab FOs. They even share some pics of tasty treats that they've made, too. Yumm all around.

10. Yarn Crawl. Last - only because I went in alphabetical order, Robin from Yarn Crawl is a blessing to the blogging community. Many of my daily blog reads were spotted on her blogroll. She always leaves inspirational comments and has hosted two amazing KALs, Fitted Knits and Knitting Lingerie Style.

In knitting news...I frogged my camisole. The pieces were not the right measurements and for the life of me I can figure out why the second armhole doesn't match the first. I will revisit this again down the road, but with so many projects on queue, why not move on? I chose the yarn for my lacy cardigan project to go to a new project by Sensual Knits. It's the Transparency Sweater. Gorgeous. I'm still on the I-cord cast-on, a first for me. I'm really happy with how it looks already. Cast-on row, can you believe it?

My final images of from the Italian Carnivale in Little Italy in San Diego. The mini-festival took place this past Saturday. They close part of the streets down and have singing and people in masks on stilts. Here's two pics I took while driving back:


jillian said...

Thank you again! That gave me a big smile :)

Rubys & Purls said...

Thanks for sending the award right back and you so deserved it!! The transparency sweater will be gorgeous, esp in that color!!! I can't wait to see how it looks on you.

Good luck with your surgery. ;)

Gail said...

Thanks for sending me the award. You look like you had fun at the festival. If you need anything, give me a call. I don't know how much help I can be to you but I can try:)

CanarySanctuary said...

Thanks so much! I'm among great company here.

Robin said...

Thanks very much for the award!! I like the Transparency sweater - I just borrowed Sensual Knits from the library and will definitely be adding it to my wish list. I love all of the patterns in it! KAL anyone?? (I know, I said I was done hosting them for awhile...)

Team Knit ! said...

Thanks for the award, Susan! You make our day, too!

- Julie

amanda said...

Hope your surgery went well and that you have a fast recovery!!

mle said...

Wow, thank you so much Susan!! Yes, we do have a lot of knits in common...we have GREAT taste, don't we?!
I think the Transparency sweater will be a good project to work on while you're recovering next week! I hope your surgery goes well!

Yarn It said...

Congrats on the award! I love the Transparency Sweater too....very pretty! I guess I need to add that book to my list.

Good luck with your surgery.

Gail said...

Right back at ya

Virtuous said...

Didn't realize you were having surgery. Hope things went well and your healing time has gone smoothly!

benne said...

I hope you are recuperating, getting spoiled rotten and feeling up to knitting with a lovely yarn.

Delana said...

Awww thank you so much for the award (forgive me for acknowledging so late?). I can't believe I missed the first email I got about it. Hope everything went well with your surgery and you're getting lots of knitting done!