8:18 AM

Rolling with Tomato

Try as I may, it just won't work. Over my Christmas trip to Vermont, I brought Tomato with the small amount of yarn left in the skein and my new project the Tube Toporini. My plan was to crank out the new project to give me a final 2007 FO. Did not work. So now that I'm back home in San Diego, I'm back on Tomato and loving every minute. It was a slow start, but has picked up momentum. I have knit past the bust and am now on the color work. It is a fun pattern. I'm just finishing the first 4-row pattern. Once I complete the final 2 sets of 4, I will post a photo. I'm working on this bad-boy during my work break and lunch today. I'm determined to have this be my 2007 FO!