8:28 AM

Christmas Holiday - One Day Early

So I have been planning on flying to Vermont on the Saturday night red eye...except for the fact that I'm actually leaving TONIGHT! My Sister made my flight a month or so ago and there was a problem with the online order, so there were actually two trips - one day apart. The one that she said was cancelled was in fact NOT. So when I went to print out my boarding pass late yesterday afternoon I realized my flight is set for Friday. Man - I was so angry. I had given myself plenty of time to pack, do laundry, clean my salt water fish tank, etc. Despite all of this, things seem less stressful. My new roommie was away doing yoga so I actually had the place to myself! ***hooray for small miracles*** I had a glass of red wine given to me as a birthday gift and went to work. Even though I had to cancel plans for dinner and drinks with friends, I managed to get everything done and even catch up on a couple episodes of shows on DVR.

With that said - I have packed two WIPs for my trip; tomato and tube toporini. I have managed to complete 11 sweaters this year and am nervous that tomato is not going as fast as I'd like. Since I'm part of the Sweater A Month (SAM)knitalong I need to finish one more before the end of the year. I decided I'd cast on for a new project that should be an easy project. This was one of the few zephyr style patterns that I DIDN'T care for until I kept seeing other FOs. I think I'll make my straps thicker and voila, I'll be in love....stay tuned as I bring winter Christmas photos of knitting and family,soon.

Happy Holidays!


Gail said...

Have fun in VT! I was actually about to call you and see what time you were going to be available to knit but I guess we'll have to do it some other time. Have a great holiday.

WandaWoman said...

That's wild! I hope you have a good time in VT. Good luck on getting Tomato done.

Robin said...

Sorry to hear about the snafu with the flights. I'm sure you'll finish Tomato quickly as that is a pretty fast knit. I haven't tabulated my sweaters in a while, but I think I finished my 12th one sometime in April (because I'm CRAZY.) I would have thought you had done 12 already too the way you were cranking out the FOs for a while there! Hope you had a great Christmas!