12:57 PM

New Knitty, Birthday Blues, & Tomato

Lurking on Ravelry, I saw that the Winter Knitty is out! I am really digging it. There is seven projects that I could see myself creating:

  • 3 Tams

  • Abotanicity

  • Ice Queen

  • Halcyon

  • Stardust

  • Laughing Carrots

  • Here's a pic of the beautiful Jeanie that I am too under skilled to attempt, but will admire on blogland as hundreds of others crank this out.

    Non-knitting birthday is this Friday. I ALWAYS have birthday blues. This time around, I'm refusing to go there. I'll be 33 and Fabulous!!!! I will post celebration pics next week.

    I have removed the sleeves for tomato. I promise to take pics once I get to the contrasting color...stay tuned.


    Gail said...

    Happy Birthday! 33 is fabulous... I hope it's a good one. You have to let us know how you celebrate it. As for the new Knitty, I like dahlia, Stardust, and aoife.

    Sheila said...

    Have a wonderful Birthday!!!

    Anonymous said...

    I hope you have a great birthday! Mine is just 5 days after yours. We Sags have to stick together, lol.

    amanda said...

    Happy Birthday!!

    mle said...

    Oh I'm sure you could knit that shawl from Knitty! It's gorgeous!

    And happy birthday!! Hope it's a good one!

    Yarn It said...

    well, happy birthday! I hope you have a great day and it is good to keep positive. I love the knew knitty too!

    Eve said...

    Happy Birthday, hon!! 33 is GREAT; enjoy it. :D

    Thanks for lettin' me/us know that Knitty's out! I went immediately and drooled over Jeanie. I think my skills are lesser than yours, so I'm wondering what is the hitch that makes the project more than you think you wanna try? (Or, better said, would I be absolutely insane to try it? LOL)

    Robin said...

    Happy Birthday!! 33 was a great year for me!

    Susan said...

    Thanks everyone. So far it has started off with a San Diego downpour! lol. That's alright - the day is still early.

    FantasyKnits said...

    Happy birthday!

    brandilion said...

    I love the jeanie pattern too. We can do it together if you are scared. I think you would look fabulous in it :)