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Juliet Lace Pattern Assistance

So, I have frogged back to the first row of the lace portion and am having trouble making this work. I'm knitting the medium (131 stitches). Row 1 instructs you to repeat the pattern between the *s until 8 stitches remain. I haven't added or dropped any stitches, but the ends of my rows are just not matching up with the pattern repeats. Can anyone help? I have done lace patterns before, so I'm not sure why this one is giving me such a hassle.


Yarn It said...

Did you knit the set up row for the lace pattern? If you are knitting the Med then the pattern says you should have 201 stitches....and if I remember correctly, that is the number you are supposed to have BETWEEN the markers (which isn't at all clear in the pattern and I had the SAME problem you are).

Susan said...

That is my problem I think. Thanks for the tip. I'll go back and look.


shopgirl said...

Hi Susan! The afghan is called "Saffron Cables" and the knitalong is here:

There is a a group on ravelry, too! Just search saffron cables.

Good luck with Juliet, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!