8:42 AM

Saturday Excursion

This weekend, I took off of work from my second job and went to the Red Bull Air Races with Tully. It was amazing! Well - more the place where we got to see it. One of the investors at his company hosted a party at their house which overlooks the bay in downtown San Diego. Here's a pic of just one of the views of the city. A nice break since I'm working 7:30 am to 10:30 pm today and tomorrow and then off to the trade show Wednesday through Friday. Working on Saturday, so I'll have to do a quick pack up Saturday night and hustle on moving all day Sunday. I might take off of work on Monday from my day job to get most of my stuff moved out. Johnny, Tully's new roommate will be moving in this weekend, so it will be mayhem. I'm just trying to breathe and not stress over all the work to come.


Virtuous said...

Well it is good you both can remains friends during and after the break up.

Pretty view!

brandilion said...

Don't forget to breath ok?

Off to Japan on Wednesday. I am soo not packed yet.

WandaWoman said...

Good luck with the move. sounds like you are moving on, which is good. I hope you and Tully can remain friends, if you wish.