10:49 AM

Lace Sock Progress, New Project Cast-On, & "Me Likey Hokey Pokey"

Here is my progress on my first toe-up sock from the Knitting Lingerie Style book. It's not perfect - a few errors in the lace due to me forgetting if I'm on the knit row or lace pattern row, but for the most part it's looking good. It's a really easy pattern and I'm enjoying the quick progress. I have about 3 more inches before completing the first sock in the pair.

I have decided to cast on for Coachella from the latest Summer Knitty using my left-over bamboo yarn that I used to make Ms. Marigold. I think the drape should work well for the pattern.

Another Blog Contest - which I love - Cass is giving away Bamboo yarn...which is just what I said I'm using for Coachella...Here's the direct link to the contest: Me Likey Hokey Pokey Contests. Have fun!

This past weekend my boyfriend's Sister and Husband came down from Seattle on their way to Florida. Here's a pic of me, Tully, and Seth in La Jolla - a great spot overlooking the city.


Virtuous said...

Oh you are working on socks too!
I just posted about how I am knitting on my 1st pair!

AAhh your honey has the cutest dimples! His name is Seth? My other girlfriend has a boyfriend name Seth too! :o)

Robin said...

Nice socks, but really cute boyfriend! You go girl!