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Tag: I'm It

I've been tagged. Since this is my first time, I'm hoping I get it all right. I've been tagged by Michelle.

Here's the rules: Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged need to write on their own blog those 7 facts as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog. So here are my facts:

1. I'm a quilter as well as a knitter.

2. My lowest grade in my Masters program was a B+ in Marketing Management which brought my GPA down to a 3.868 (I've was devastated and am still sore about it).

3. I'm the youngest of three kids - my brother is 43 and my sister is 34.

4. I have two cats - Hannah & Scofield and two salt water fish tanks - 75 gal. & 30 gal. in my household.

5. I'm very competitive, even with past-times like knitting.

6. It will be my one year anniversary for moving to San Diego (from Vermont) on 5/20/2007.

7. I first stumbled upon knitting blogs after finding Wendy Bernard's website when I purchased her Sizzle pattern 12/12/2006.

I'm tagging:
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Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

I'm about to start quilting!!! Glld to read about you!

Gail said...

Happy anniversary! You're almost a local. lol... How about meeting on Tuesday evening??? My boyfriend is leaving for Japan on a business trip on Monday and I'd like to spend a bit of time w/ him before he leaves.

Robin said...

Interesting list! I can tell you're competitive as you seem to have turned knitting into a sport (I'm the same way - LOL). Marketing Management - what a trainwreck that class was for me. Crazy group work, etc. My only B in the MBA program so far is ironically in an elective finance class (Fundamentals of Financial Markets) even though I'm a CPA. The professor didn't like me as she was clueless and I corrected her a couple of times...