12:51 PM

Rusted Root Progress

After starting over on Rusted Root last night (I had only done three rows, so not a big deal), I'm finally making some progress. I really love how the Cotton Fleece yarn looks in the candy apple color. With this being my first cotton blend, it's working well so far.

During a little work break, I did a little online knitting browse and found both a new knit-along (KAL) to join and a great online tutorial! I've requested to join the toe-up sock KAL, since I am only part of sweater KALs so far. During my search I found a tutorial on darning socks. This is perfect, since my only pair of knit socks (which took me about a week to do one sock and a year to finish the other...)just got a hole in the heel of one pair, probably because I wear them as house socks every night when I get home from work. At any rate, this tutorial might be their saving grace.

Back to Rusted Root....While doing my daily blog reads, I noticed that Robin from Yarn Crawl had a pic of her Rusted Root including a pic of her stitch counter. How about - we both have the same counter, are doing the same pattern, with the same yarn (not color) and were on the same row?!! I sent her a comment saying we must be kindred knitters (my Anne of Green Gables reference). Well - I hope we both get to moving on it, so we can get more progress on the Fitted Knits KAL as well. Robin is the gracious host of this KAL.

Well - I've misplaced my cell phone, so no progress pics until tonight, but all the more opportunity to knit a few more rows. lol


Necia said...

Hey girly,

Are all your pics taken with a cell phone? If so, which cell phone do you have, because it takes some pretty good pics. I think the next time I go yarn shopping (gotta dent the stash first), I'm going to buy some cotton fleece. I keep hearing good things about it.


Virtuous said...

I still haven't taken on the challenge yet of socks!

You have a great cell phone! All my pics are done on mine too but they look horrible! I gotta get a digi cam soon! What type of celly do you have??

Susan said...

It's actually a LG "cheapy" from Cingular, but it says "Smart Camera" so maybe that's why. A few of my FO pics are my digital camera, but most are the cell phone. I just try to make sure I have enough lighting and don't move around too much and then email it to myself. I'm not too technically inclined, so I lucked out. lol

ShelleyD' said...

There is also a KAL for Rusted Root right now - The Sexy Knitters Club has the KAL going for the months of April and May. They also picked a second project, Sahara, so participants are doing one or the other, and some are doing both.
Check it out-

Robin said...

Thanks for the nice mention! I am here a little late, but I know - that was so interesting that we were on the same row at the same time on the same pattern!!