9:47 AM

Crawling Cowl...Somewhat

After whipping through Green Gable and Wicked by the Zephyr Girls, I am going unusually slow with Wendy Bernard's Somewhat Cowl. Here's my progress so far.

Despite the lack of speed, I do like the pattern for the sweater and am happy to be using my stash yarn since it was a gift from my boyfriend on his trip to China when his brother lived there. It has a nice elasticity to it, which should be perfect for this pattern.

I'll keep you posted!



Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Looking good so far. Where did you find that pattern?

Susan said...

Thanks, the pattern is on the Knit and Tonic site. It's by Wendy Barnard and called "The Somewhat Cowl". If you do a Google Search, it should come up.


Michelle said...

I started my somewhat cowl this summer, and have to finish it yet...I have to pick up and knit the cowl part of it. Good Luck!