10:30 PM

Ms. Marigold dislikes Debbie Bliss....

I had a knitting nightmare this evening. After working on Ms. Marigold using Debbie Bliss' Alpaca Silk Dk in the color wine, I lost a skein to the yarn knotting up and then lost all of my progress from a mistake that I couldn't seem to fix. Despite the material being soft and luxurious, I'm having problems with it knotting on me. After crying (litterally) I have put my newly started project away and am now picking up a new pattern by Wendy Bernard - "The Somewhat Cowl". I'm including pictures of the yarn that I've put aside. I'll need to order 3 more skeins to ensure that I have enough to do the pattern.

As far as the Somewhat Cowl pattern goes, it's also a top-down peice and I can use stash yarn. I hate to make swatches, but decided to try tonight with yarn that my boyfriend bought me on his trip to China a few years back. It doesn't have English on it and I wasn't sure the guage. It's a perfect match at 24 stitches to 4" in size 5. Just what the Doctor ordered. I'll keep you posted.


Windansea said...

Hi there! I'm one of the SD knitters over on KR - love your knits! And you know, I've got some Debbie Bliss yarns in my stash. I love them in the skein and not so much on the needles. They sucker me in with their softness and beautiful colors.

Knitters Delight said...

I'm with you. The color and texture felt wonderful at the store! I guess some yarns are just for the stash and not for real knitting!