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Me-Made-May 2012 Week 3 Review (4 FOS)

Me-Made-May Week 3 Breakdown (clockwise):
* Green Kimono Tee using free MariaDenmark Pattern
* Simplicity 2187 jumper dress (worn on Mother's day with my LO)
* Blue watercolor Colette pattern Iris shorts
* Green tiger print McCall's 6559 maxi dress
* Black and white swirl Butterick 5495 knotted top
* Gray kimono tee with taupe Simplicity 7092 pants
* Gray Vogue 8742 ruched dress
* Purple Butterick 5496 top with Butterick 4995 side button pants

So I know I am late on my week 3 roundup for Me-Made-May, but "better late than never" I say. LOL. I actually made four FOs for this week. Overall, I was pleased with my new items, but didn't feel that I looked overly stunning at the same time. Might just be all the working out talking, but I think I was feeling last week's looks better. Well, I think it is more how I put the outfits together this week. That's okay, it happens.

Here are my two Kimono tees that I made using this pattern from Maria Denmark. It is the perfect wardrobe builder. Hence, I made three so far and have fabric already cut for a couple more....stay tuned on that one. Here I'm wearing the green and gray versions. The gray version is in a shiny material that might not be the most flattering so I'll have to make another gray version that is in a more comfy knit fabric.

Here is my debut for my Iris shorts from Colette Patterns. This was a great pattern, but I have to admit that I had a problem that has occurred several times for me side zippers (invisible) keep splitting. At first I thought it was Yardage Town's older zippers, but this time I used Joann's zipper. Does anyone else have this problem? PLEASE HELP. It is always a little "tough" or stiff where the waistband meets the top of the pants/shorts where the zipper goes. I try to grade, but by the end of the day, the zipper busts. I am going to try to skip ironing the invisible zipper next time, but hate putting in all the effort of making bottoms only to get less than 9 hours of wear.

Last but not least is my third version of McCall's 6559 maxi dress pattern. Still love it!

So this week I am keeping up with my casual wear, but am hoping to spruce things up a bit in the next few days....we will see.


Faye Lewis said...

What a wonderful wardrobe! You look great in it too.

Sassy T said...

You look fab as usual. Can't help with the zipper only a beginner lol

mle said...

Cute outfits! it's been a productive week for you. And you're looking fantastic!

Miriam in KS said...

Cute outfits!

As to skipping ironing the invisible zipper next time...DON'T! You will have an exposed "invisible" zipper tape. The pressing open of the coil is part of what helps the zipper be invisible! (I've already done the experiment for you on this!)

Maybe instead, make sure you are not trying for too close a fit with that seam. I have had zippers separate when I try to fit a garment too closely to my body.

Hilary said...

So impressed, as usual! Everything looks awesome and I LOVE those tee's (especially the green one). Off to check out the pattern to see if I could handle it.....thank you!

ksmith90 said...

I think the JoAnn's zippers are pretty lousy too... I bought some YKK invisible zips online awhile ago. I'm hoping they will hold up better.

SewTell said...

Very Nice.
I think you should use a press cloth, maybe you are wearing down the plastic.

Jenny said...

You look fabulous! Sorry to hear about your zipper troubles. I almost always go with invisible zippers as well and *knock on wood* have not had them split yet. I use the cheapies at JoAnn's. Sometimes I do end up with an exposed invisible zipper but perhaps I'm not pressing them open enough. Hope you are able to figure out a remedy!

Candice said...

Looks great Susan! All the outfits are fantastic!

Myra said...

You look fabulous in all of you outfits! Must be a great feeling to make your own clothes and save money too!