4:06 PM

Still Plugging Away

I am still plugging away at Orangina. I’m finally on the ribbing portion and am not sure how long I will make it, since the body is already fairly long. I have my added the Knit Clips to the sides in preparation for seaming. Since I already blocked both halves.

In sewing news, I have signed up for a great 16 week sewing course! It is offered by the San Diego Community College District and is free! To add to my excitement, they are using Bernina’s to teach us. I called my Mother immediately after the class (even though that was midnight her time) to share the news. She’s going to ship mine to me in the next week so I can have it to bring to class. There were 45 of us in the evening class. This is just what the Doctor ordered. I’m self taught in all of my crafting, so this is going to be a nice change. I really want to understand proper technique and the right way to fit myself for designer-looking clothing. The fact that my shape is not the standard (whose is, anyway?) means I can be bold and daring without compromising fit!

I hope to have an FO for you before weeks end….


Cas... said...

Good Luck on the organgina! I know how hard it is to complete a project.

Good for you on the sewing class. It sounds like a big class. When I took a class I brought my own machine to get comfortable with it for sewing. I wish you tons of luck on that too.

Clumsy Knitter said...

Oh no! I found those classes this summer when I first moved down here and planned on looking into them when fall semester started...looks like I missed that boat! :( It will be interesting to hear how the class goes though--maybe I'll remember to sign up in the spring.

Robin said...

How exciting about the class!! I am sure you are going to love it. I learned so much in my community college class.