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Products, Purchases, and Patterns

So...I predominately knit top down patterns for these two reasons:

  • I can try it on as I go, which allows me to adjust my problem areas, such as the bust.

  • I cannot seam to save my life!

Well - I was visiting A Nurse that Knits, one of my daily blog reads and stumbled upon a great knit purchase. It's a Knitter's Block. I have a few patterns that I've purchased in the past including this and this, but haven't worked on them due to my poor seaming skills. In my defense - I never block, so maybe that's why the pieces don't seam together easily. So....I know have this new knitter's block that I hope will encourage me to block more. I think the lacy cardigan will be my next project, so I'm excited to see how things develop.

In tomato news, I'm just finishing up the ribbing on the bottom and will only have the arm cuffs to complete. Only thing - I don't like the color anymore. I wanted it in the silver, but now that I've been knitting it for awhile, I'm not pleased with the effect. So - once I finish the bottom and sleeves I will take a picture of the FO before ripping the color. I plan on trying it in corrugated ribbing instead. Let's hope this will please me more, since the fit seems great (my first project since losing weight) and I'd like to get a descent amount of wear out of this one, since it's cotton and perfect for San Diego weather.


KimT said...

i never block either, but i have yet to knit any real garments that need to be blocked! seems like a good item.

Gail said...

Hey there,

I will probably be using my knitter's block for my CPH in the next week or so. Just working on the button bands! We should get together soon to knit. I met a girl who lives near you. Maybe we can all knit:)

WandaWoman said...

I don't usually block my pieces before seaming, but after seaming give them a good block. Seaming just takes practice and then you'll get good at it. I practiced seaming the sides by knitting sleeves tanks and it gave me practice for when I was ready for a full sweater.

brandilion said...

I am blocking my Olive Striped Cardigan as we speak!

I went and got some exercise mat tiles from target. There are four of them, 2' x 2'. They are a little large, but I ended up needing all 16 sq feet just about to block the sweater. Only 15 bucks.

I'm jealous of yours though. Smaller = easier to store and more tiles = more flexible shapes.

I wanna start doing some things with seaming. We can support each other :)

Robin said...

That is a great looking product! I hadn't heard of that before - thanks for the tip! I have blocking wires and pins, but I really only use the pins with my cardboard cutting board for sewing. I also like the Lush & Lacy Cardigan.

Ninabeena said...

hi. i've got a question about the knitters block. I am wanting to purchase them but I'm not sure if the set contains enough blocks to actually block a whole sweater at one time (front/back/sleeves). Have you used the blocks and where you able to block more than one or two pcs? Also is there anything you've noticed about the blocks that would be useful information to someone who is interested in the blocks?