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Book Order

I really enjoy buying cooking, knitting, and quilting books. I have not been doing much cooking lately, especially after going raw and the quilting bug only hits me sporadically. With that said, I have made two new book purchases on The title alone intrigued me, but with the subtle nudge of a post by Emily from MLE Knits, I made the leap and purchased Sensual Knits. The other dreamy find is Knitting Classic Style by Veronik Avery. I fell in love with the Military Jacket when it was nominated for the SKC. Alas the Chinese Pullover and Military Jacket did not succeed - my two fav choices, so I'm off to venture the knitting waters alone.

I have my next two projects decided. First up is the Surplice Bodice Camisole and then I'll work on the Lacy Cardigan. Both are done in pieces, so I'm going to get a chance at working on improving this skill for sure. It's 2008 after all!

Tomato is complete, however I still want to redo the neck in a corrugated ribbing, instead of the silver alone. I've done a few minor modifications to the pattern to make it my own (which I normally never do) and I think a mild blocking (yes, I'm going to actually block it, too) should even out the few minor bumps that creeped up towards the end. My new blocker as been shipped, so hopefully I'll receive it in the next couple of days so I can post an after blocked pic.

While 2007 was about accomplishing quantity, I really want to learn new techniques, focus on quality, and actually enjoy the process of knitting. I have made two great knitting buddies, Gail and Brandi in addition to two or three knitting groups that I venture out to, here and there. All discovered by the wonderful world known as the online knitting community.


Robin said...

I want Sensual Knits too. I took another look at Knitting Classic Style the other day, as I had purchased it a while ago, and I really like the construction on many of the sweaters. Many are knit in the round (not sure about top-down - I think there are few though.) So I want to explore that book soon. Be careful on the Surplice Bodice Camisole - that one was a hot mess on me.

Virtuous said...

I just posted about a bunch of books today! Funny!

And my Sensual Knit just arrived at my door moments ago! :oD
I really like that book!!

I am with you I am all about the quality of knitting as opposed to quantity or what is popular at the moment.

Ooh! And thanks for the blocker info. I have tagged it as a fav to purchase in the future. You must give us a review after you put them to use!

Rubys & Purls said...

Hey Susan! I just ordered the Knitting Classic Style too. I don't have the Sensual Knits yet, but I saw MLE's post about it earlier. It's on my list...

I agree 2008 for me will be about new techniques and quality knits I know will last years instead of months. It was fun to join in and Knit-Along with everyone else, but it also felt like a deadline. Great to hear you're making lots of friends these days. ;)

NikkiJ said...

What's a blocker?

Virtuous said...

Hey Lady!

Make sure you let us know your suggestions on E.E. in the comment suggestion for the poll! :o)