10:12 AM

Fifi Progress

Here's my progress on Fifi. I have separated the sleeves and will start working on those first (something I usually try to do, in order to reduce the finishing feeling associated with things like arms, weaving-in-ends, etc.). I'm not so sure about the fix yet. I tried it on, but it's a little too soon to know for sure. I have made a final decision to forget about trying to do short-row shaping. I'll do my old stand-by of going up a needle size or two during the bust section to compensate. Using Knit Picks' interchangeable needles will make this a breeze. I'll try it on once I've finished the sleeves to decide if the fit is working or not.


Adrienne said...

Hope it works out!!!! It's looking good.

Sheila said...

Fifi is looking good, I totally admire knitters that can knit top down.