8:18 PM

I'm in the Raw!!!

Two pics for the day. The first is a picture of Scofield playing in my grocery bag (sans food of course). He looks naughtily cute doesn't he?!

I have taken the 30 day raw challenge from Alissa Cohen's website on Living on Raw food. I went to a Raw Food seminar on Saturday and was immediately excited. Today is day one. Here's a pic of my "pasta" lunch. It's actually zucchini.

As a quick update - I am still working singularily on the Summertime Tunic. I am still not into it, but determined to wear it before the summer is up...of course living in San Diego doesn't make it that much of a challenge. Updated pics soon.


FantasyKnits said...

Yay for persistent knitting of tiring pieces! Sometimes the most boring knit turns out the best.

Adrienne said...

You know, I did NOT finish my ST lol. Its in yarn cakes lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment about the shawl, my mom took it too work in a ziploc bag to protect it!

Good luck with the raw food challenge, I have always wanted to do that...maybe I day!

Robin said...

Interesting on the raw food thing - I would never have guessed that was zucchini! Does sashimi count? I could eat that for 30 days.

WandaWoman said...

Raw food challenge, eh? Hmm, not sure that I could do that one, but it does sound interesting. Good for you for keeping on ST, it'll soon be done and worth it.