8:33 PM

Sizzle on the Front

Sizzle - on the front
So I have successfully completed the back of the sizzle pattern that I purchased from knit and tonic: am happy with the results, but think that I will have to block the piece to get a little length added. I have started the front and have added beads to the bottom seed stitch border. With this project being my first go at adaptation, I'm feeling pretty good.I'm heading back to Vermont for the Christmas holidays this afternoon and will stop by the local yarn store Kaleidoscope Yarns: tomorrow to pick up some T-pins for blocking and to buy an accompanying yarn for my adapted neckline work. As a new Godmother - I will also need yarn to make a baby-sweater for baby Rehtse. So much knitting and so little time! I'll keep you all posted and add photos later.Susan